Custom glass sliding wall

Build your custom sliding glass wall and calculate your exact price immediately.
If you choose “postpaid”, you can pay after delivery.

Note: The calculator asks for measurements in millimeters, not centimeters.
Delivery time: approximately 7 to 9 weeks.


Our calculator is set up to 6000mm due to installation costs. If you have a wall greater than 6000 mm, request a quote and receive your quote within 48 hours

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Total Area (sq m)
Product Price

Number of sliding panels * 

The number of sliding panels does not affect the price. We manufacture crystals and profiles to exact dimensions free of charge.

Select the desired color * 

We supply your system in any window colour. The desired color does not appear? Select the “Other window color” option and then enter the desired window color.

Please enter your desired lime color below

Handles are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Select the handle that suits you best below.

This handle is easy to mount to your system. It can be mounted at the desired height. The minimal thickness allows it to slide between panes if needed (latch can never touch another pane).

During manufacturing, a hole is made in the glass into which the handle is screwed. (approx. 50mm)

This profile guarantees the sealing of the overlap between the crystals. Our draft slats have a brush and are available in all window colors.

This side profile ensures a draft-proof connection to the sides of your sliding wall. This U-profile has brushes on the inside and outside and is available in any Ralk colour.

Cleats ensure that when the wall is opened and closed, every pane hooks together and you can open or close the entire wall in one go.

If you opt for the 3-compartment steel-look rod partition, you will receive the following parts with your glass wall:

  • U-profile 30 mm wide for the sides of the glass panel. (2 per panel)
  • Horizontal rod 30 mm wide (2 per inner panel) ultra self-adhesive
  • Horizontal rod 30 mm wide (2 per panel on the outside) ultra-adhesive

Mounting the profiles is very easy by means of once assembly manual.

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